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Fearless Golf DVD Set

Golf Psychologist, Dr. Gio Valiante has improved the golf mental game of some of the best golfers in the world with his mental conditioning program - Fearless Golf. By combining research from diverse fields in performance golf psychology, Dr. Valiante has created a program based on the principle that golf is as much a mental game as a skills game. Researching and understanding how the brain affects physiology, muscle tension, thought patterns and ultimately performance was our challenge at Fearless Golf to take that information and make it understandable and applicable for golfers at all levels.



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This one day, one-on-one Fearless Golf Academy puts you face to face with Dr. Valiante. In this FGA, you will spend the morning in the classroom with Dr. Valiante diagnosing strengths and weaknesses in your game; you will then be taught how to address these issues within the context of the fearless golfer program. After this classroom time, you will head to the golf course to apply the lessons learned in the morning session. This is the same program that all Dr. Gio’s professional Tour clients go through, and lays the foundation for consistent, long-term improvement.



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